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<< Useful data needed in a test case | Rapidtest Script Wizard >>
<< Useful data needed in a test case | Rapidtest Script Wizard >>

Add Expense Test Case

Valid Test Data:
Category: Movies
Description: LOTR Return of the King at Lennox
Amount: 11.50

Possible Exceptions:
Listing 1.1: Add Expense Test Case
Test Development This phase is only necessary for software
applications that will be tested using automated software testing
tools. In this phase, the test cases created in the previous stage, are
converted into executable scripts. These scripts will then be
executed using an automated testing tool. This step is unnecessary
for applications that are being manually tested because manual
testing involves the performance of the contents in the test case by
We will provide more discussion on manual vs. automated
testing in the next chapter.
In this chapter you have learned:
What software testing is, and why we test software
The software development lifecycle, and where testing fits
into this process.
How to shorten the software development lifecycle by
making certain phases run concurrently.
The different parts of the software testing process.