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<< Table of Contents | WebLOAD Quick Start Steps >>
<< Table of Contents | WebLOAD Quick Start Steps >>

How WebLOAD Works

WebLOAD Quick Start
Welcome to WebLOAD, the premier performance, scalability and reliability testing solution for
Web applications - Internet and intranet.
WebLOAD is easy to use and delivers maximum testing performance and value. WebLOAD
verifies the scalability and integrity of Web applications by generating a load composed of
Virtual Clients that simulate real-world traffic. Probing Clients let you refine the testing process
by acting as a single user that measures the performance of targeted activities, and provides
individual performance statistics of the Web application under load.
How WebLOAD Works
WebLOAD tests Web applications by generating Virtual Clients that simulate real-world loads.
Virtual Clients emulate the actions of human users by performing typical actions on your Web
application. By increasing the number of Virtual Clients, you increase the load on the system.
You create visual JavaScript-based test scripts (Agendas) that define the behavior of the Virtual
Clients and WebLOAD executes these test scripts monitoring the application response
graphically and statistically, and presenting the test results in real time.
WebLOAD incorporates functional verification into the scalability testing process allowing you
to accurately verify the scalability and integrity of your Web applications at the per-client, per-
transaction, and per-instance level under defined load conditions. WebLOAD saves the test
results including data from the Load Machines and the hosting hardware's performance monitor.
You can view all or part of the data in real time, or after the test session is complete, in tabular
format or in graphical format.
WebLOAD Quick Start