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<< Properties of a Test Case | Defining the Configurations to Test >>
<< Properties of a Test Case | Defining the Configurations to Test >>

Specifying the Owner

Chapter 2 - Planning Tests
The design of the test case (in other words, the high-level steps and verifications to
be performed when the test case is implemented) For information, see Specifying
the Testing Steps and Verification Points
on page 72.
Preconditions, post-conditions, and the acceptance criteria of the test case For
information, see Specifying Conditions and Acceptance Criteria of Test Cases on
page 74
The name of the test case is required. For all other properties, add them when you first
create the test case or add or change them later.
You can create up to three custom properties for some test assets from the
Tools > Customize
To change the properties of a test case:
In the Test Plan or Test Inputs window, right-click the test case and click
For detailed procedures, see the TestManager Help.
Specifying the Owner
You can select the owner of the test case from the
list in the
tab of the
New Test Case dialog box.
The Owner list contains the User IDs of the test users that were added to the project
through the Administrator. (For information, see the
Rational Suite Administrator's Guide
or the Rational Administrator Help.)
The owner is important for planning and tracking purposes. For example, you could
run a Test Case Distribution report to see the test cases distributed over the owners.
For information about reports, see Reporting Results on page 173.