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<< Model Elements from Rational Rose | Define new test input types >>
<< Model Elements from Rational Rose | Define new test input types >>

Custom Test Input Types

Identifying What to Test by Using Test Inputs
Click the
tab and click
. The New Test Input Source dialog box
For detailed procedures, see the TestManager Help.
Custom Test Input Types
TestManager supports using test input types other than RequisitePro requirements or
Rose model elements. For example, you might want to use the data from Microsoft
Project as test inputs. You could also define C++ language project files as a test input
type if you wanted to know which tests needed to be changed or rerun when a source
file changes.
For TestManager to support an extensible test input type, someone in your
organization must write a custom Test Input Adapter. An adapter is a dynamic-link
library (DLL) with certain required functions for TestManager to call when necessary
-- for example, when connecting to or disconnecting from a test input source. In
addition to adapters written in your organization, some custom adapters are available
from Rational Software or its partners. (For information about writing test input
adapters, see the
Rational TestManager Extensibility Reference
Type a name for the source. This can
be any name up to 40 characters.
Click the Connection Data tab to
browse to or type the path to the
source. For example:
c:\Demo\ClassicsOnline.rqs for a
RequisitePro project.