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<< Number of virtual testers on the Agent | Setting Up IP Aliasing >>
<< Number of virtual testers on the Agent | Setting Up IP Aliasing >>

Controlling TCP Port Numbers

Appendix A - Configuring Local and Agent Computers
After IP Aliasing is set up, open a suite, click
Suite > Edit
, and then select the
Enable IP Aliasing
check box.
If IP Aliasing is selected in the suite, at the beginning of a run, the TestManager
software on each computer (Local or Agent) queries the system for all available IP
addresses. Each suite scheduled to run on that computer is assigned an IP address
from that list, in round-robin fashion. If a computer has more virtual testers than IP
addresses, an IP address is assigned to multiple virtual testers. If a computer has
fewer virtual testers than IP addresses, some IP addresses are not used. This approach
optimizes the distribution of IP addresses regardless of the number of virtual testers
scheduled on a computer and frees you from having to match IP addresses to specific
virtual testers.
Assigning Values to System Environment Variables
TestManager passes the system environment variables set on an Agent computer to
each virtual tester. If you are using virtual testers to test a database server or
application, you can override these system environment variables.
To override the value of a system environment variable:
Suite > Edit Settings
, and then click in the
Sys Environment Variables
of the User Settings dialog box.
You can change the value or a previously set system environment variable in the
System Environment Variables dialog box. For more information, see the TestManager