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<< Running More Than 24 Virtual Testers on a UNIX Agent | Controlling TCP Port Numbers >>
<< Running More Than 24 Virtual Testers on a UNIX Agent | Controlling TCP Port Numbers >>

Number of virtual testers on the Agent

Setting Up IP Aliasing
For example, if you want the ports on the Local computer to be 8801 and 8802, add the
following two lines to the services file:
rtmstr_s8801/tcp# TestStudio Master S server
rtmstr_v8802/tcp# TestStudio Master V server
In addition, the
network service has been added to control the port at which
the Agent listens. If the well-known Agent port of 8800 is already in use by another
application on one or more Agent computers, an alternate port needs to be specified
using the
service is put in the services file in the same way that the network services
are put in the file. The difference is that the
service must
be defined on the Local computer and all Agents used in the testing run, and must be
identical for all systems. The Agents must be rebooted after altering the service file.
For example, if you want the Agent to listen on port 8888, add the following line to the
services file on both the Local and Agent computers:
rtagent8888/tcp# TestStudio Agent
Setting Up IP Aliasing
TestManager provides IP aliasing, which allows many IP addresses to be assigned to
the same physical system. Every virtual tester can be assigned a different IP address to
realistically emulate your virtual tester community. The requests generated by these
virtual testers receive responses back from the Web server with timing characteristics
and validation recorded intact.
To use IP aliasing on any particular computer, the system administrator must set up
the IP addresses on that system.
For Windows NT, this can be done with the
Settings > Control
Panel > Network >
Protocols > TCP/IP
Protocol > Properties > Advanced > IP Addresses > Add
For UNIX, this can be done with the
(1) command line utility. See the
manual pages for specific details appropriate to that operating system. To
set up large numbers of IP addresses, it is convenient to use a Perl or UNIX shell
script. A sample Korn shell script for this purpose named
can be
found in the bin directory of UNIX Agent installs. (You must have root privileges to
set up IP aliases with
Be careful when assigning IP addresses to a computer, because you may run into
problems such as conflicting IP addresses or routing considerations. We recommend
that IP addresses be assigned by a qualified network administrator.