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<< Chapter 11 - Working with Datapools | Managing Datapool Files >>
<< Chapter 11 - Working with Datapools | Managing Datapool Files >>

What Is a Datapool?

Chapter 11 - Working with Datapools
What Is a Datapool?
A datapool is a test dataset. It supplies data values to the variables in a test script
during playback.
Datapools let you automatically supply variable test data to virtual testers under
high-volume conditions that potentially involve hundreds of virtual testers
performing thousands of transactions.
Typically, you use a datapool so that:
Each virtual tester that runs the test script can send realistic data (which can
include unique data) to the server.
A single virtual tester that performs the same transaction multiple times can send
realistic (usually different) data to the server in each transaction.
If you do not use a datapool during playback, each virtual tester sends the same literal
values to the server--the values defined in the test script.
For example, suppose you record a VU test script that sends order number 53328 to a
database server. If 100 virtual testers run this test script, order number 53328 is sent to
the server 100 times. If you use a datapool, each virtual tester can send a different
order number to the server.
Datapool Tools
You create and manage datapools with either Robot or TestManager. The following
table shows which activities you can perform with each product:
Automatically generate datapool
commands in a test script.
Create a datapool and
automatically generate datapool
section of a VU test script.
Edit datapool column definitions
and datapool values.
Create and edit datapool data