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<< Working Within the Properties List | Adding and Removing Properties >>

Loading the Current Baseline

Using the Object Properties Comparator
Loading the Current Baseline
To load the Current Baseline file:
File > Load Current Baseline
If the Current Baseline is already displayed, this command is disabled. In order to edit
a Baseline, you must be viewing the Current Baseline. Editing can include creating a
mask, cutting, copying, pasting, duplicating, moving, or deleting masks, or using the
Auto Mask feature.
The Current Baseline is the latest saved baseline file and is used as the expected result
for verification point comparisons. It is this Current Baseline that you see in the
Comparator when the Comparator is opened through Robot. However, when the
Comparator is opened through the Test Log window of TestManager, which is the
more common method, the Comparator may display the historical Baseline and
Actual. Because only the Current Baseline can be edited, if you have the historical
Baseline or any other logged Baseline showing, you cannot use any of the editing
commands--they are disabled. You can manually force the Current Baseline to be
loaded by using this command.
Locating and Comparing Differences
The Object Properties Comparator begins its comparison with the first object in the
Objects hierarchy and its properties in the Properties list.
Objects that contain differences between the Baseline and Actual lists are red. Objects
that are in the Baseline list but not in the Actual list are blue.
To locate the first difference between the Baseline data and the Actual data:
View > First Difference
When the difference is located, the failure is highlighted. The Differences list indicates
the failure number and provides information about the failure.
To navigate between differences, use the
You can also select a description in the Differences list to highlight that failure in the
Properties list.