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<< Example of a Distributed Functional Test | Starting a Comparator >>
<< Example of a Distributed Functional Test | Starting a Comparator >>

Chapter 8 - Using the Comparators

Using the Comparators
This chapter explains how to use the Comparators to compare and view data
captured when you use verification points in a Robot test script or in
QualityArchitect. This chapter includes the following topics:
About the Four Comparators
Starting a Comparator
Using the Object Properties Comparator
Using the Text Comparator
Using the Grid Comparator
Using the Image Comparator
For detailed procedures, see the TestManager Help.
About the Four Comparators
After you play back a test case, test script, or suite, TestManager writes the results to a
test log that appears in the Test Log window of TestManager. The test log tells you
whether each test case, test script, or suite passed or failed.
For further details, click the Details tab of the test log. When you double-click a failed
verification point in the test log, the appropriate Comparator for that verification
point appears. You can view and compare data captured using the Comparators to
pinpoint the exact reason that a verification point failed.
You can use the Comparators only with test scripts containing verification
points created with Robot.
When you record a test script that includes a verification point, Robot creates a
Baseline file that contains the data that you captured.
When you play back a test script, Robot compares the properties in the Baseline file
with the properties in the application-under-test. If the comparison fails, Robot saves
the data that caused the failure to an Actual file. The results of the verification point
appear in a test log.