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<< Time Information | Ignore configurations for test cases >>

Controlling How a Suite Terminates

Before You Run a Suite
IP Aliasing
In VU test scripts that use the HTTP protocol, this option sets whether to use IP
IP aliasing requires that each virtual tester has a different source IP address. This has
meaning only if you are running HTTP test scripts and your system administrator has
set up your computer to use IP aliasing. For information about setting up IP Aliasing,
see Configuring Local and Agent Computers on page 379.
Controlling How a Suite Terminates
You can set the conditions that force a suite to stop running. For example, you might
want to stop a suite if a large number of virtual testers are completing abnormally,
indicating that something is wrong with the run.
To control how a suite terminates:
File > Open Suite
and then select a suite.
Suite > Edit Termination
Specifying Virtual Testers and Configurations for the Suite Run
When you run a suite, you supply runtime-specific guidelines. Each virtual tester that
executes its assigned suite items run within these guidelines.
TestManager checks the suite before the run and compiles any uncompiled or
out-of-date test scripts.
TestManager stores the results of running the suite in test logs. After you run the suite,
run reports to analyze the data stored in these logs. You can display this information
in the form of graphs and charts, or in more traditional report formats.