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<< Setting the Default Editor for Manual Test Scripts | Customizing Test Assets >>
<< Setting the Default Editor for Manual Test Scripts | Customizing Test Assets >>

Creating Test Script Queries

Creating Manual Test Scripts
In the text editor, use a shortcut menu to mark items as steps, verification points, or
expected results, to create and view notes, and to attach and view expected result
The start of an item (step, verification point, or expected result) is indicated by the
footprint, check mark, or document icon. All lines that do not begin with either of
these icons are part of the previous item.
Creating Test Script Queries
ManualTest provides queries that help you select test scripts in your Rational project.
Queries let you specify the fields that appear in selection dialog boxes, how the test
scripts are sorted, and which test scripts appear.
Use filters in your queries to specify the information that is retrieved from a project.
Filters help you make queries more specific by narrowing down the information that
you are searching for. You can build simple filters or combine simple filters into more
complex ones. Use filters when you create or edit a query.
To create a new query:
Tools > Manage Script Queries
For detailed procedures, see the Rational ManualTest Help.
Indicates whether
an item is a step
(footprint), a
verification point
(check mark), or
an expected
Indicates a note or expected result file.
Contains the step, verification point, or expected result.
... to open a shortcut menu
Right-click any item...