<< Open TestDirector | Explore TestDirector Elements >>
<< Open TestDirector | Explore TestDirector Elements >>
The TestDirector Window
Lesson 1 Introducing TestDirector
5 Log in to the project as a QA tester.
In the User ID box, type one of the following user names: alice_td, cecil_td,
or michael_td.
Skip the Password box. A password was not assigned to any of the above
user names.
Click the Login button.
TestDirector opens and displays the module in which you were last working.
In the title bar, TestDirector displays the project name and your user name.
Project name
User name
The TestDirector Window
In the following exercise, you will explore the TestDirector modules and
their common elements.
To explore the TestDirector window:
1 Explore the TestDirector modules.
Click the Requirements tab. The Requirements module enables you to
specify your testing requirements. This includes defining what you are
testing, defining requirement topics and items, and analyzing the
Click the Test Plan tab. The Test Plan module enables you to develop a
test plan. This includes defining goals and strategy, dividing your plan
into categories, developing tests, automating tests where beneficial, and
analyzing the plan.
Click the Test Lab tab. The Test Lab module enables you to run tests on
your application and analyze the results.
Click the Defects tab. The Defects module enables you to add defects,
determine repair priorities, repair open defects, and analyze the data.