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SilkTest Features

<< The built-in recovery system | Database testing capabilities >>
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SilkTest Features
SilkTest Features
SilkTest offers a complete solution for the automated testing of Web and
client/server applications. With SilkTest you can perform:
Functional, operability and regression testing
Test planning and management using the testplan editor
Database validation using DBTester
For more information about the capabilities of SilkTest, see the online Help.
General application
testing features
Organization of resources within a project Projects organize all the
resources associated with a test set and present them visually in the Project
Explorer, making it easy to see, manage, and work within your test
Guidance via workflow bars The Basic Workflow guides you through the
process of creating a testcase, while the Data Driven Workflow assists you in
creating a data driven testcase.
Automatic completion within the Editor AutoComplete decreases the need
to type text into your 4Test files by automatically completing functions,
members, application states, and data types in the 4Test Editor.
Easy recording of tests The SilkTest Recorder gives you the option to create
window declarations "on the fly", and helps you set up the recovery system.
By default with the DOM extension, the recorder now displays a rectangle
which highlights the controls as you go through your application, as a user
would. SilkTest records the appropriate verification statement in your test in
the 4Test language.
True object recognition Your application is seen by SilkTest as comprised
of discrete objects, with well-defined properties.
Unattended testing with built-in recovery system SilkTest intelligently
handles unexpected errors and automatically returns your application to the
desired state before running your next test.
Fully integrated testplan creation and maintenance You begin the
automated testing process by creating testplans. Testplans allow you to plan
and manage the testing of your application. Using criteria that you define,
SilkTest allows you to run only the tests you want from within a testplan.