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The built-in recovery system

<< Class Methods | SilkTest Features >>
Getting Started: A Tutorial
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Understanding SilkTest Basics
The following table provides additional examples of methods:
The built-in recovery system
The built-in recovery system is one of SilkTest's most powerful features,
because it allows you to run tests unattended with confidence. The failure of
a single testcase shouldn't stop the rest of your tests from running. With
SilkTest, when your application fails, the recovery system restores your
application to a stable state, known as the BaseState. This allows the rest of
your tests to continue even when a preceding test has failed. The recovery
system will be discussed in more detail in
"Understanding How the Recovery
System Works" on page 110
. You can also see the online Help for more
information about the recovery system.
User Action
Method Name
You click on a push button
Click ()
You pick a menu item
Pick ()
You check a check box
Check ()
You clear a check box
UnCheck ()
You type text into a text field
SetText ()
You read the value of a text field
GetText ()
You choose an item from a list box
Select ()
You count the number of items in a list box
You close a dialog box
Close ()
You set the MainWin active
SetActive ()
You choose an item from a radio list
Select ()