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<< DBTester functions | Setting up the ODBC driver >>

Installing the ODBC driver

<< DBTester functions | Setting up the ODBC driver >>
Getting Started: A Tutorial
8 T
Running the Sample Testcase
print ("GMO Customer List:")
print ()
while (DB_FetchNext (hstmnt, custnum, fname, lname))
print ("{lname}, {fname}")
// Release resources
DB_FinishSql (hstmnt)
// Disconnect from the GMO database
DB_Disconnect (hdbc)
Running the Sample Testcase
Prerequisite for
running the script
This part of the tutorial has you test the client/server GMO application's
Microsoft Access database. For GMO to use the Access database you need
Install the ODBC driver for Microsoft Access, if it is not already
installed. This driver provides ODBC access to Microsoft Access data.
Set up the ODBC driver for Microsoft Access to use the GMO Access
database as its data source.
If you have questions about the installation and set up of the ODBC driver,
see your company's database administrator.
Installing the ODBC
The ODBC driver for Microsoft Access is part of the Microsoft Data Access
Components (MDAC). You can download MDAC free from Microsoft's
Web site.
Go to Microsoft's Web site
From your browser, enter the following URL:
Find the download and install instructions
From the Microsoft home page perform a search for MDAC. If you are
unsure of what version to download, see your company's database
Download MDAC to your computer
Follow the downloading instructions to copy the MDAC executable to
your computer.
Install the driver
Follow the setup instructions to install and set up the ODBC driver for
Microsoft Access.