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Java JFC and Swing Tutorial

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Working with Java Applications
Java JFC/Swing Tutorial
This hands-on tutorial is designed to help you get comfortable testing a sample standalone Java
application developed with Java Foundation Class (JFC) Swing controls, using Java support in
SilkTest. See the online Help for descriptions of JFC and Swing controls.
In this tutorial, you will:
1 Set up for testing the application
2 Become familiar with the sample JFC Test Application
3 Focus on a part of the application to test
4 Record window declarations for all controls you want to test
5 Set up the recovery system for testing Java applications
6 Prepare the test script file
7 Record a test against the JFC Test Application
8 Run the recorded test
9 Get native methods for a predefined JFC Swing class.
10 Record new window declarations
11 Develop a new test using native methods
12 Run the new test

To get started with this tutorial, make sure you meet all the requirements described in Before you
begin, below.
Before you begin
Before you begin this tutorial, make the following preparations:
Complete the SilkTest tutorial to learn the basics of recording testcases, running testcases, and
using the recovery system. The tutorial is located at Start/Programs/Borland/SilkTest
2006/Documentation/SilkTest Tutorials