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ABR: Array Bounds Read
ABW: Array Bounds Write
ABWL: Late Detect Array Bound Write on the Heap
Additional Files: Source files that are required by the test script, but not actually tested.
API: Application Programmer Interface. A reusable library of subroutines or objects that
encapsulates the internals of some other system and provides a well-defined interface.
Typically, it makes it easier to use the services of a general-purpose system, encapsulates
the subject system providing higher integrity, and increases the user's productivity by
providing reusable solutions to common problems.
Application: A software program or system used to solve a specific problem or a class of
similar problems.
Application node: The main building block of your application under analysis. It
contains the source files required to build the application.
Assertion: A predicate expression whose value is either true or false.
Asynchronous: Not occurring at predetermined or regular intervals.
Black box testing: A software testing technique whereby the internal workings of the
item being tested are not known by the tester.
Boundary: The set of values that defines an input or output domain.
Boundary condition: An input or state that results in a condition that is on or
immediately adjacent to a boundary value.