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<< Text Attributes | Configuration Settings Structure >>

Configurations and Settings

Test RealTime - User Guide
Configurations and Settings
Two major concepts of Test RealTime are Configurations and Configuration Settings:
A Configuration is an instance of a Target Deployment Port (TDP) as used in
your project.
Configuration Settings are the particular properties assigned to each node in
your project for a given Configuration.
A Configuration is not the actual Target Deployment Port. Configurations are
derived from the Target Deployment Port that you select when the project is created,
and contain a series of Settings for each individual node of your project.
This provides extreme flexibility when you are using multiple platforms or
development environments. For example:
You can create a Configuration for each programming language or compiler
involved in your project.
If you are developing for an embedded platform, you can have one
Configuration for native development on your Unix or Windows development
platform and another Configuration for running and testing the same code on
the target platform.
You can set up several Configurations based on the same TDP, but with
different libraries or compilers.
If you are using multiple programming languages in your project, you can even
override the TDP on one or several nodes of a project.
The Configuration Settings allow you to customize test and runtime analysis
configuration parameters for each node or group of your project, as well as for each
Configuration. You reach the Configuration Settings for each node by right-clicking
any node in the Project Explorer window and selecting Settings.
The left-hand section of the Configuration Settings window allows you to select the
settings families related to the node, as well as the Configuration itself, to which
changes will be made. The right-hand pane lists the individual setting properties.
The right-hand section contains the various settings available for the selected node.
Propagation Behavior of Configuration Settings
The Project Explorer displays a hierarchical view of the nodes that constitute your
Settings for each node are inherited by child nodes from parent nodes. For instance,
Settings of a project node will be cascaded down to all nodes in that project.