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<< Generating SCI Dumps | Launching the TDP Editor >>

Target Deployment Ports

Test RealTime - User Guide
The Instrumentor snapshot option enables you to specify the functions of your
application that will dump the trace information on entry, return or call.
In snapshot mode, the Runtime Tracing feature starts dumping messages only if the
Partial Message Dump setting is activated. Code Coverage, Memory Profiling and
Performance Profiling features all dump their internal trace data.
Target Deployment Ports
Rational's Target Deployment Technology is a versatile, low-overhead technology
enabling target-independent tests and run-time analysis despite limitless target
support. Used by all Test RealTime features, the Target Deployment Port (TDP)
technology is constructed to accommodate your compiler, linker, debugger, and
target architecture. Tests are independent of the TDP, so tests don't change when the
environment does. Test script deployment, execution and reporting remain easy to
Key Capabilities and Benefits
Compiler dialect-aware and linker-aware, for transparent test building.
Easy download of the test harness environment onto the target via the user's
IDE, debugger, simulator or emulator.
Painless test and run-time analysis results download from the target
environment using JTAG probes, emulators or any available communication
link, such as serial, Ethernet or file system.
Powerful test execution monitoring to distribute, start, synchronize and stop
test harness components, as well as to implement communication and exception
Versatile communication protocol adaptation to send and receive test messages.
XML-based TDP editor enabling simple, in-house TDP customization
Downloading Target Deployment Ports
Target Deployment technology was designed to adapt to any embedded or native
target platform. This means that you need a particular TDP to deploy Test RealTime
to your target.
A wide array of TDPs has already been developed by Rational to suit most target
platforms. You can freely download available TDPs from the following page: