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Printing UI Object Properties

Application Map Objects and Their Properties
Object properties are intrinsic to the UI object. They include such properties as
ObjectPath (in the application map), RecognitionMethod, and Style. The
following figure shows the Object
properties of a window object.
Application Mapper, Shared, and Pilot properties are modifiable. Except for the
RecognitionMethod and VolatileWindow properties, Object properties are purely
descriptive and cannot be modified.
To learn the function of a UI object property, right-click its name in the Properties
view, and then click What's this? on the shortcut menu.
Printing UI Object Properties
To print a bitmap image of a UI object and all of its UI object properties:
1. Click the UI object in the application map.
2. Click File > Print or click Print on the Standard toolbar.
In addition to the UI object image and UI object properties, TestFactory prints the
project name, the date and time that you printed the image, and the path to the object
in the application map.
User Properties
In addition to UI object properties, every object in the application map has user
properties. User properties provide information about an object in the context of the
project. They consist of the read-only properties Created and Last modified,
modifiable properties such as Name and Description, and user-defined properties
that you create for the object. You can specify user properties as search filters for
objects that you want to include in a report, for scripts to include in a Test Suite, or
for Pilots to add to a user scenario or mix-in.
Object properties of a window object