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<< Finishing Application Mapper Wizard | Stopping the Mapping Process >>
<< Finishing Application Mapper Wizard | Stopping the Mapping Process >>

On-Screen Events During Mapping

Developing and Working with the Application Map
The Application Mapper uses the starting object as its base for exploring the
AUT user interface. On the first mapping of the AUT, the default <<Root>>
is the appropriate starting point. After you map the AUT the first time, you can
choose any UI object in the map as the starting object.
You can map the AUT to full depth or single-level depth. To map the AUT to
full depth, the Application Mapper begins at the starting object and explores all
levels of the AUT, exercising every control it encounters until it has taken every
path available. To map the AUT to single-level depth, the Application Mapper
drives to the starting object, and then exercises the control it represents.
TestFactory then maps the controls that are exposed, but does not exercise them.
Before you choose the depth of mapping, consider the size, complexity, and
stability of the AUT.
5. To select the depth of mapping, click Full or Single level.
6. To start mapping, click Finish.
On-Screen Events During Mapping
After you start mapping, the following events occur:
The TestFactory window closes.
The Application Mapper progress bar appears at the bottom of the screen and
displays information about the mapping process.
A mask darkens the screen and displays the message Running Application Mapper.
TestFactory starts Robot, and then minimizes the Robot window.
NOTE: If the AUT is large or complex, or contains controls that you do not
want TestFactory to exercise, map to single-level depth on the first pass. You
can then select a starting object in the area of the application map where you
want to start testing and map to full depth from that object. For instructions,
see Mapping New Builds on page 4-66.
NOTE: Be sure you do not use the computer while mapping is in progress.
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