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<< Selected objects in the application map | The Tools Toolbar >>
<< Selected objects in the application map | The Tools Toolbar >>

The Insert Toolbar

The TestFactory Interface
The Insert Toolbar
The Insert toolbar is on the left side of the TestFactory window. It provides buttons
that you can use to insert several types of TestFactory objects in the application
map. Except for Select, each button corresponds to a command on the Insert menu.
Use the Insert toolbar buttons to do the following:
Restore the pointer to the Select Item mode.
Insert a folder to organize project material. After TestFactory initiates a
project, it inserts the Application Map folder, and the UI Library folder
in the left pane. A Pilot run inserts a run results folder. You can insert
folders to hold best scripts, defect scripts, Test Suites, or TestFactory
Insert a Pilot to generate scripts for a functional area of the AUT. A Pilot
proactively explores the UI objects to which it has access, automatically
detects severe defects in the AUT, and generates defect scripts and a
coverage-optimized best script. For information about setting up and
running a Pilot, see Chapter 5, Automatically Generating Scripts.
Insert a Test Suite to group scripts and other Test Suites to run as a batch
job. For details on creating and running a Test Suite, see Chapter 6,
Developing and Running a Test Suite.
Insert a script to create a customized TestFactory script in the application
map that you can then record or write manually in Robot. Although
TestFactory gives you access to scripts created in Robot, the customized
TestFactory script is useful if you want to place the script in a
TestFactory folder.
Insert a report to create a TestFactory report.
Insert a marker as a place-holder in the application map or to capture
comments on a specific area of the application map.
Insert an interaction object to control the path that TestFactory takes
through the AUT during mapping and testing.