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<< Create a custom style | Specifying a Mix of Random Entries >>

Edit Data Entry Style Dialog Box

Testing Controls in the AUT During Pilot Runs
After you add an input UI object component to an interaction object, TestFactory
assigns the component the Base style.
To select a different style for a UI object component and view its data entry settings:
1. In the Interaction Object view, click the component name.
2. To open the Edit Data Entry Style dialog box, click Style Properties on the
Interaction Object toolbar.
3. Under Style, click the Name box, and then click a different style name.
The following figure shows the Edit Data Entry Style dialog box. The histogram
under Test characteristics shows the data entry composition that TestFactory uses
during testing.
Specifying a Required String Case for a Style
Although none of the existing styles in the Name list has a required string case, you
can add one to a style by typing it in the Required string case box under Settings.
If you specified a required string case for a style you assigned to a UI object or
component before mapping, the Application Mapper used only that string case to
exercise the corresponding control. If you run a Pilot to test this control, the Pilot
includes the required string case in the mix of entry data it uses to test the control.
To test the control using only the required string case, you must modify the data
entry settings for the style.