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Rational TestManager
<< What Is Test Planning | Create a test case folder >>
Developing a Test Plan
Rational TestManager also:
Provides access to all test-related information and artifacts so your team can easily
assess project status.
Helps team members share information about the testing progress.
Helps you track how many tests have been planned, scripted, and carried out.
Shows which requirements have been covered by tests, and the number of tests
that have passed and failed.
Because TestManager is part of each Suite edition, team members can use it to
evaluate how well they are meeting project requirements, to monitor the project's
overall status, and to more effectively share and discuss information about testing
activities with other project stakeholders.
Developing a Test Plan
In TestManager, a test plan can contain information about the purpose and goals of
testing within a Rational project, and the strategies to implement and run testing. You
can have one or more test plans in a project. A test plan can include properties such as
the test plan name, configurations associated with the test plan, and a time frame for
when a test plan must pass.
You can generate reports based on a test plan's properties. For example, you can
create reports to determine which test cases are part of a test plan. Reports like this
can give you valuable information about the state of your testing project.
Organizing Your Test Plan
A project can contain one or more test plans. A test plan contains test case folders,
which in turn contain test cases. A test case is a testable and verifiable behavior in a
system. You can organize the test plan and test case folders in the way that makes
sense for your organization. For example, you can have a test case folder for each
tester in your department, for each phase of testing, or for each use case.
Alternatively, you can create a test plan for each testing type (see Figure 23).