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Create the requirement
<< Arrange Shipment use case | Requirements in the Database >>
Creating a New Requirement
Creating a New Requirement
Arrange Shipment is an established use case, but you still need to identify a
requirement corresponding to the enhancement request to display an estimated ship
date for a customer's order.
Exercise: Create the requirement.
If Rose is not installed on your computer, maximize Word and continue with
Step 2. If Rose is installed, continue working with this Rose model: right-click the
Arrange Shipment
use case. From the shortcut menu, click Use Case Document > Open.
The RequisitePro Word document appears and you can work with the use case.
On page 4 of the use case document, go to the end of section 2.1, Basic Flow. Select
the entire sentence beginning with "The warehouse system responds..."
From the Word menu bar, click RequisitePro > Requirement > New. The Requirement
Properties dialog box appears.
To indicate that this new requirement is part of the basic flow of a use case, on the
Attributes tab, from the Property list, click Basic Flow.
On the Hierarchy tab:
From the Parent list, click <choose parent>.
From the Parent Requirement Browser, click UC7: Arrange Shipment, then click
On the Requirement Properties dialog box, click OK.
RequisitePro underlines the new requirement and labels it as a pending use case