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Why Work with Use Cases
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Starting with a Use Case
Why Work with Use Cases?
Use cases describe system behavior in a common language that everyone on the team
can understand. Working with use cases is a key unifying mechanism in the Rational
Unified Process (RUP).
Use cases are important to everyone on the project:
Analysts use them to express how the system should behave and to verify planned
changes with stakeholders.
Developers and designers can start with human-language and graphical use cases.
They elaborate them first into architectural specifications and then into classes.
Testers develop test designs based on use cases.
System testers use them to validate system behavior starting as early as the design
Project leaders and managers use them to formally verify that the results of
requirements conform to the customer's view of the system.
Exercise: Open the use case document.
In the
window, go to ClassicsCD Web Shop > Use Cases > Arrange Shipment >
Arrange Shipment
, then double-click this Word document entry (see Figure 18).
Figure 18
Opening a Use Case Document with RequisitePro