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Working with RequisitePro
<< Webshop Project | Managing Requirements >>
Why Worry About Requirements?
RequisitePro opens the project and displays project artifacts in a hierarchical tree
browser in the left pane (the
window). A description of the artifact
selected in the
window appears at the bottom. In the right pane,
RequisitePro displays the view of a selected artifact. (see Figure 17).
You can adjust these windows to better view your selection.
Figure 17
Working with RequisitePro
Why Worry About Requirements?
One definition of project success is that the product you deliver meets its
requirements. The formal definition of a requirement is a condition or capability to
which the system must conform. More informally, a requirement describes a feature
or behavior that a system must have.
Where Do Requirements Come From?
As an analyst, your job starts with gathering the needs of your stakeholders --
everyone who has an interest in your project. To determine those needs, you
interview users and other stakeholders, analyze enhancement requests, and work
with project team members. You then decide which of those needs will become
project requirements.
RequisitePro artifact description
Explorer window
display area