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<< Learning About the Rational Unified Process | Elements of the Rational Unified Process >>
Learning the Mechanics
<< Learning About the Rational Unified Process | Elements of the Rational Unified Process >>
Chapter 3 - Learning About the Rational Unified Process
RUP serves as a personal and team-centered guide, leading you through best
practices for controlled, iterative software development. Many organizations
worldwide have successfully used it for both small- and large-scale development
RUP is implemented as an online guide and knowledge base that you view with a
Web browser.
The Rational Unified Process and Rational Suite
The Rational Unified Process can help you and your team work more effectively. RUP
is a customizable framework providing development teams with a common vision of
software development best practices. You can use Rational Process Workbench to
adapt RUP to the specific needs of your projects and your team.
If your company has decided to use Rational Suite without adopting any of RUP, your
projects can still be successful. (You can also use RUP with projects that do not use
Rational Suite or its component tools.)
Even if you do not follow RUP, you can use it as a source of information about
software engineering. For example, it contains topics to help you better understand
UML concepts.
This tutorial follows the Rational Unified Process.
Learning the Mechanics
The Rational Unified Process guides you through the full software development
lifecycle: business modeling, requirements management, analysis and design,
implementation, testing, deployment, configuration and change management, project
management, and environment management.
Exercise: Learn the elements of RUP.
From the Getting Started page, you can go to other pages containing tips about the
mechanics of using RUP. You can also find pages that provide starting points for
learning about the process itself.
From the Getting Started page, click Navigating the Process.
Your Web browser displays the Navigating the Process page, which contains
elements of the RUP browser environment. Click this page to make it the active
window. If necessary, maximize the window.