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<< Tools for Web Teams | Rational Suite: Summary >>
Rational Suite Enterprise
<< Tools for Web Teams | Rational Suite: Summary >>
Chapter 1 - Welcome to Rational Suite
Rational SiteLoad.
Simulates Internet traffic and provides developers with precise
real-time information on Web site performance. Using SiteLoad, Web teams can
avoid costly and highly visible Web site failures.
This tutorial does not discuss ContentStudio in detail. To learn more about
ContentStudio, go to
Rational Suite Enterprise
On some projects, team members may perform many types of tasks. For example, on
smaller projects, team members are likely to perform more than one role. On larger
projects, team members might move from task to task. It may therefore make sense to
equip all team members with a full complement of tools.
Rational Suite Enterprise contains all the tools in the Team Unifying Platform,
AnalystStudio, DevelopmentStudio, and TestStudio, so it can accommodate the needs
of all the members of your team.
Rational Suite Enterprise also offers a tool for organizations that need to make
extensive modifications to RUP.
Rational Process Workbench.
Provides process customizing and publishing that
allows process engineers to accurately model their organization's software
development process and fine tune the Rational Unified Process for their own use.
Rational Process Workbench uses the UML visual notation to customize a process
framework that provides development teams with a common vision of their team's
software development best practices.