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Tools for Web Teams
<< Tools for Testers | Rational Suite Enterprise >>
What Is Rational Suite?
Rational PureCoverage.
Identifies which parts of your Java, Visual C++, or Visual
Basic program have and have not been exercised. Uses test scripts to drive the
application and expose testing gaps so you can prevent untested application code
from reaching users.
Rational Purify.
Pinpoints run-time errors and memory leaks in Visual C++
application code, and errors related to garbage-collection in Java application code.
Purify does this by using test scripts to drive the application.
Rational Quantify.
Profiles your Java, Visual C++, or Visual Basic application to
help you identify performance bottlenecks in your code. Quantify does this by
using test scripts to drive the application.
Tools for Web Teams
A Web content manager's role is to:
Empower non-technical content authors to submit, review, and approve content.
Be responsible for templates, Web site design, and editing.
Integrate, manage, and simultaneously deploy content and code.
A Web developer's role is to:
Determine how the system works.
Define architecture.
Participate in parallel development of Web applications.
Securely version and test code.
Rational Suite ContentStudio
Rational Suite ContentStudio is optimized for Web application development teams,
particularly Web content managers and Web developers. This Suite provides an
integrated set of tools to unify code and content management for Web applications.
With Rational Suite ContentStudio, you can also leverage scalable processes and tools
to build high-quality Web applications at Internet speed. By integrating common
tools and processes in one powerful solution, Rational Suite ContentStudio unifies the
activities of everyone who contributes to your Web site -- including project
managers, analysts, software developers, content managers, Web designers, and other
business specialists. It contains the Team Unifying Platform and:
Rational NetDeploy.
Automates Web deployment of code and content, and
scheduling and expiration features.