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<< What Will Happen in the Next Iteration? | the Rational Developer Network >>
members use ClearCase LT
<< What Will Happen in the Next Iteration? | the Rational Developer Network >>
Chapter 11 - Planning the Next Iteration
Testers use TestManager and Robot to verify that the enhancements meet
requirements, that defects are fixed, and that no regression failures have occurred.
All team members use ClearCase LT to make changes to project artifacts. Project
members each work in private development workspaces. When team members
finish their work, they deliver artifacts to the team's public integration workspace.
Project leaders and managers use ProjectConsole, ClearQuest, SoDA, and
RequisitePro to assess that state of the project from requirements through release.
Later, they use these tools to plan subsequent iterations.
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Cleaning Up
When you are ready, quit ClearQuest.
If the Rational Unified Process is still open, either close it now or leave it open and use
it as a supplement to learn more about Rational Suite on your own.
What You Learned in This Chapter
In this chapter, you learned:
ClearQuest is a powerful tool that helps you manage and monitor change requests
on your project.
How the next iteration will proceed, and the activities that will transpire after
planning the project.