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the Rational Developer Network
<< members use ClearCase LT | Glossary >>
What You Learned in This Tutorial
Rational Suite unifies your team by enhancing team communication.
Rational Suite optimizes individual team member productivity by providing
market-leading development tools for each member of a software development
Rational Suite simplifies adoption by providing a comprehensive set of integrated
tools that have simple installation, licensing, and user support.
Rational Suite supports the entire development lifecycle and the primary roles on
a development team analysts, developers, testers, and managers.
What's Next
Congratulations! You have finished the Rational Suite tutorial. We hope that by using
Rational Suite to plan, design, implement, and test applications, your team will
successfully meet the challenges of rapidly developing high-quality software.
Your next job is to learn more about the tools you will use on your next project and get
to work!
Optional Activity: Join the Rational Developer Network
To access articles, discussion forums, and Web-based training courses on developing
software with Rational Suite, we recommend that you join the Rational Developer
If a current version of Rational Suite is installed on your computer, click Start >
<RationalSuiteProductName> > Logon to the Rational Developer Network
and follow the
registration instructions.
If a current version of Rational Suite is not installed on your computer, from your
Web browser go to
and follow the registration instructions.
After you register and log in to the Rational Developer Network, scan the Web site
to learn more about the targeted resources, communication, and collaboration
resources available. Using the Rational Developer Network will help you get
started on your own projects using Rational Suite.