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Communicating Project Status
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Project Status
Now that you have elaborated the Arrange Shipment use case with the new
requirement, you want to communicate changes made to the requirements to all team
members and to stakeholders. To do this, you might want to generate a report
consolidating all the information about the use case. Such a report might contain the
sequence diagram from the visual model in Rational Rose and the corresponding
basic flow from the use case in Rational RequisitePro.
You also want to communicate the status of the project. You might want to gather
project metrics from Rational Suite tools to determine the progress made in this
iteration of the project. Charts might help you determine trends and
gauges might help you compare data to predefined threshold values.
In this chapter, you use Rational SoDA to produce a use case report and Rational
ProjectConsole to view project artifacts, analyze metrics, and determine project status.
This chapter applies most directly to project leaders and managers, but is relevant for
all members of a software development team.
Getting Your Bearings
In this chapter, you use SoDA and ProjectConsole. Rose and RequisitePro must also
be installed on your computer. To determine whether these tools are installed on your
computer, refer to the tool chart you filled out in Table 1, Rational Suite Tools, on page
If any of these tools are not installed, you can still benefit from reading this chapter,
but you will not be able to perform the exercises.
If these tools are installed, start SoDA now by clicking Start > Programs >
<RationalSuiteProductName> > Rational SoDA for Word