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<< To add the Object Testing Library | Delphi component >>
<< To add the Object Testing Library | Delphi component >>

Delphi Project

Testing Delphi Applications
Removing the Rational Object Testing Library
The Rational Object Testing Library is not visible, is nonintrusive, and has no license
restrictions on it. Therefore, you can leave it in the application when you distribute
However, if you choose to remove the Object Testing Library from your project:
1. Click Start >
Programs >
Borland Delphi >
Rational Test Delphi Project
Converter to open the Enabler.
2. Click Browse under Delphi Project. Select the project from which you want to
remove the Library and click OK.
3. Choose the correct compiler version, depending on which version of Delphi
you have installed on your computer.
4. Select Remove Rational Object Testing Library.
5. Optionally, uncheck Backup Project File if you don't want a backup file to be
created before the project file is converted.
6. Optionally, uncheck Launch Delphi After Conversion if you don't want Delphi
to be automatically started after the conversion. (If this is not checked, you need
to start Delphi manually after the conversion.)
7. Click Convert. The Enabler:
Optionally creates a backup file of the project.
Removes the line
from your project file (after the
Optionally starts Delphi.
8. Click the Close button in the Enabler. If an information dialog pops up, click
Yes to reload the project.
9. In Delphi, recompile your project.