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Creating Datapools

Introduction to Rational Robot
The following figure shows the Object Properties Verification Point dialog box.
Creating Datapools
A datapool is a source of variable test data that scripts can draw from during playback.
If a script sends data to a server during playback, consider using a datapool as the
source of the data. By accessing a datapool, a script transaction that is executed
multiple times during playback can send realistic data and even unique data to the
server each time. If you do not use a datapool, the same data (the exact data you
recorded) is sent each time the transaction is executed.
TestManager is shipped with many commonly used data types, such as cities, states,
names, and telephone area codes. In addition, TestManager lets you create your own
data types.
When creating a datapool, you specify the kinds of data (called data types) that the
script will send -- for example, customer names, addresses, and unique order
numbers or product names. When you finish defining the datapool, TestManager
automatically generates the number of rows of data that you specify.
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