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<< Chapter 10 - Working with Datapools | Managing Datapool Files >>
<< Chapter 10 - Working with Datapools | Managing Datapool Files >>

Virtual testers

Working with Datapools
If you do not use a datapool during script playback, each virtual tester sends the same
literal values to the server (the values that were captured when you recorded the
For example, suppose you record a session script that sends order number 53328 to
a database server. If 100 virtual testers run this script, order number 53328 is sent to
the server 100 times. If you use a datapool, each virtual tester can send a different
order number to the server.
Datapool Tools
You create and manage datapools with either Robot or TestManager, as follows:
This chapter describes how to perform all of these activities.
Automatically generate datapool
commands in a session script.
Create a datapool and automatically
generate datapool values.
section of a session script.
Edit datapool column definitions
and datapool values.
Create and edit datapool data types.
Perform datapool management
activities such as copying and
renaming datapools.
Import and export datapools.
Import data types.