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Chapter 10 - Working with Datapools

C H A P T E R 10
Working with Datapools
This chapter describes how to create and manage datapools. It includes the
following topics:
What is a datapool
Planning and creating a datapool
Data types
Using datapools with session scripts
Using datapools with GUI scripts
You should familiarize yourself with the concepts and procedures in this chapter
before you begin to work with datapools.
What Is a Datapool?
A datapool is a test dataset. It supplies data values to the variables in a script during
script playback.
Datapools let you automatically pump test data to virtual testers under high-volume
conditions that potentially involve hundreds of virtual testers performing thousands
of transactions.
Typically, you use a datapool so that:
Each virtual tester that runs the script can send realistic data (which can include
unique data) to the server.
A single virtual tester that performs the same transaction multiple times can send
realistic data to the server in each transaction.
NOTE: This chapter describes datapool access from scripts played back in a
TestManager suite. For information about datapool access from GUI scripts
played back in Robot, see the online help for Rational Robot.