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<< Modifying the Authentication | Starting or Stopping Proxy Service >>
<< Modifying the Authentication | Starting or Stopping Proxy Service >>

Unique Features of the Authentication Datapool

Managing Proxies
Unique Features of the Authentication Datapool
The Authentication Datapool is similar to other datapools that you edit with
TestManager. However, there are differences:
An empty Authentication Datapool is included with the Rational Test software.
The Authentication Datapool is used strictly for logon information. You
cannot assign any standard or user-defined data types to the columns in an
Authentication Datapool.
Do not delete or rename the Authentication Datapool.
You should not add to or remove the columns in the Authentication Datapool.
The Authentication Datapool is not associated with the
statement or any datapool commands.
Managing Proxies
If you are using the proxy recording method, create a proxy and identify client/server
pairs that communicate through the proxy.
After you have defined a proxy relationship, you can manage your proxies as follows:
Starting and stopping proxy service
Monitoring proxy activity
Deleting a client/server pair
Deleting a proxy
Reassociating a proxy with a client/server pair
The following sections describe these functions.
Starting and Stopping Proxy Service
Proxy service is a system service that lets you use the proxy recording method. Proxy
service starts automatically when you:
Install TestStudio.
Start your system.
Open the Session Record Options dialog box and click the
Proxy service stops automatically when you shut down Windows.