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<< Using the Insert Menu | sbl Library Source Files >>
Customizing SQABasic scripts
Adding Features to GUI Scripts
Customizing SQABasic Scripts
In addition to editing a recorded script, you can customize SQABasic scripts in the
following ways:
By adding your own SQABasic sub procedures and functions either directly to
script files or to included library source files. The custom procedures you add
to library source files can be called from procedures in other files (scripts and
other library source files).
By using SQABasic header files to declare custom procedures, constants, and
variables. Items declared in an SQABasic header file are available to multiple
script and library source files.
By using a script template. The template contains information that you want to
appear in every new script and .rec library file that you create.
This section describes the basic information you need to know to use Robot to create
and edit library source files and SQABasic header files. For syntax and other detailed
information about using these files, see the SQABasic Language Reference.
Information about using the template appears at the end of this section.
Library Source Files
You can use Robot to create and edit two types of SQABasic library source files:
.sbl These have project-wide scope, but they do not support verification
points. They are stored in the SQABas32 folder of the project.
.rec These have project-wide scope, and they do support verification points.
They are stored in the Script folder of the project.
The .rec files are also used as GUI scripts.
Library source files are useful for storing custom procedures that multiple scripts
need to access. If a custom procedure needs to be accessed by just a single script,
consider adding the procedure to the script rather than to a library source file.
NOTE: You can also call procedures in .dll files from SQABasic scripts and
library files. However, you cannot use Robot to create and edit .dll files as you can
.sbl and .rec files.