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Chapter 13 Testing HTML Applications
C H A P T E R 13
Testing HTML Applications
This chapter explains how to use Robot to test HTML applications. It includes the
following topics:
About Robot support for HTML applications
Configuring your browser for testing
Making HTML applications testable
Testing data in HTML elements
How Robot maps HTML elements
Supported data tests for HTML testing
Testing properties of HTML elements
Playing back scripts in Netscape Navigator
Recording tips
Enhancing object recognition of HTML elements
About Robot Support for HTML Applications
Rational Robot provides comprehensive support for testing HTML applications that
run on the World Wide Web. Robot lets you test both static and
dynamically-generated pages accessed from both standard and secured HTTP
servers, regardless of make or model. Robot examines the data and properties of each
HTML element, letting you test the elements that appear on your Web pages,
including table data, links, and form elements, such as buttons, check boxes, lists, and
With Robot you can both record and play back scripts in both Microsoft Internet
Explorer versions 4.x and later and Netscape Navigator versions 4.x. Scripts can be
recorded and played back on a variety of Windows platforms, including Windows
NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows 98, and Windows 95.