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<< Printing a Script | Locating Compilation Errors >>
Batch Compiling Scripts
Editing, Compiling, and Debugging Scripts
Compiling One or All Scripts and Library Source Files
You can compile the active script or file, or you can compile all scripts and files in the
current project.
Batch Compiling Scripts and Library Source Files
To batch compile scripts and library source files:
1. Click File > Batch Compile.
2. Select an option to filter the type of scripts or files you want to appear in the
Available list: GUI scripts, VU scripts, or SQABasic library source files.
3. Optionally, select List only modules that require compilation to display only
those files that have not yet been compiled or that have changed since they were
last compiled.
4. Select one or more files in the Available list and click > or >>. Robot compiles
the files in the same order in which they appear in the Selected list.
5. Click OK to compile the selected files.
Do this
Compile the active script or library
source file
Click File
Compile all scripts and library source
files in the current project
Click File
Compile All.
Use this if, for example, you have made changes to
global definitions that may affect all of your
SQABasic files.