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<< Transposing Columns and Rows | Renaming a Verification Point >>
Viewing a Baseline File
Creating Verification Points in GUI Scripts
Viewing a Baseline File
To view the baseline file of a verification point in a Comparator:
In the Asset (left) pane in Robot, right-click the verification point name and click
View Baseline, or double-click the name.
As the following figure shows, Robot opens the baseline file of an Object Properties
verification point in the Object Properties Comparator.
Once the baseline file opens in the appropriate Comparator, you can view and
edit the data. Editing data is useful if you want to change the baseline data for a
verification point based on a new specification or anticipated changes to the
application-under-test. By editing data before playback, you can often avoid a
verification point failure. For information about the four Comparators, see each
Comparator's Help.
... click View
Baseline ...
... to view the baseline file in
the appropriate Comparator.
Right-click a
verification point
and ...
NOTE: To compare the baseline and actual files, you must open the Comparator
through the log. For information, see Analyzing Verification Point Results with the
on page 9-21.