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Custom Query Statement

Using the Java Query Builder to Add Database Verification Points
User Name
The User Name text is the name of the user who has access rights to the specified
The Password text is the password that is associated with the database user.
Designing a Custom Query Statement
After you connect to the JDBC data source, you can design the custom SQL query
statement that will be used to retrieve specific data from the database. You can enter
the SQL query statement manually or design one interactively using the Query
Design Wizard.
For example, in testing
, you could construct a Select statement
that returns an account ID, a customer ID, and a balance from the Checking table.
If you are familiar with SQL syntax and are familiar with the schema of the data
source that you are connecting to, you can simply enter your custom SQL query
statement in the SQL Text box.
Once you are satisfied with your custom SQL query statement, click
to apply the
SQL query to the connected data source.
Using the Query Design Wizard
If you are not familiar with SQL syntax or are not familiar with the schema of the data
source that you are connecting to, you can use the Query Design Wizard to
interactively walk through the design of your custom SQL query statement. The
Query Design Wizard helps you easily create complex SQL query statements by
taking you step-by-step through the design process.
Any ODBC data source
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