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<< Appendix B. Troubleshooting | Failing to Connect to Cloudscape Database >>
<< Appendix B. Troubleshooting | Failing to Connect to Cloudscape Database >>

COM Test Scripts Fail

Chapter B - Troubleshooting
COM Test Scripts Fail to Run from TestManager
A COM test script cannot be run from TestManager, and an error message such as the
following is displayed:
Compiling Test Scripts ...
Error GetFile Timestamp()from ...
0 warning(s), 1 error(s)
Fatal compiler error, run terminated
COM test scripts cannot be run from TestManager without the existence of a .RES file.
To run the test script from TestManager, you must convert the .RC file to a .RES file. To
do this, you can run the resource compiler (rc.exe) from the command line. Typically,
the resource compiler can be found in one of the following two directories:
<Visual Studio Directory>\Common\MSDev98\Bin
<Visual Studio Directory>\VB98\Wizards
Command Line Example
See Resource File Not Found on page 139 for further information.
EJB Class or Interface Not Found Messages
The following messages indicate that there are missing dependency relationships in
the model between the bean implementation class, the home interface, the remote
interface, and the primary key class. If you have the Rose J addin enabled, reverse
engineering an EJB or creating a new EJB will create the necessary dependency
relationships automatically. To enable script generation, be sure to insert the
dependency relationships in your class diagram.