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<< Actual Results of the XML | The Actual Attributes pane >>
<< Actual Results of the XML | The Actual Attributes pane >>

View Attributes Detail

This is the View Attributes Detail button found on the XML Viewer toolbar.
Click the View Attributes Detail toolbar button, click an element in the XML Tree that has attributes
attached to it and the bottom of the viewer will display both the Expected Attributes and Actual
Attributes. It will list each attribute by name, display the value, and the Passed or Failed results.
The above example shows the Attribute Detail view of the XML Checkpoint on an XML application.
The XML Viewer will update the display at the bottom of the XML Checkpoint Results window to show
the details of the attributes attached to the selected element from the tree above. In the Expected
Attributes pane on the left, it will display the attribute name, its expected value and the checkpoint status.
The Actual Attributes pane on the right will display the attribute name and the actual value that was
present during the execution run.