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<< Delete an action from the test | Open the ActionB test >>
<< Delete an action from the test | Open the ActionB test >>
FlightOrder action
Lesson 8 Dividing Tests into Multiple Actions
7 Confirm that the original FlightOrder action was not modified.
Choose File > Open. Browse to ActionA, and click Open.
Expand FlightOrder > Welcome: Mercury Tours > Find a Flight: Mercury.
Note that the change of departure city you made in the ActionB test did not
affect the original action in ActionA (
New York
is still the departure city in
Parameterizing an Action
If you look at the Data Table at the bottom of the QuickTest window in the
ActionB test, you will see four tabs: Global, Copy of FlightOrder,
Sign_in [ActionA], and ReturnHome [ActionA].
Note: If the Data Table is not displayed, choose View > Data Table to display
The Global tab is a data sheet whose data is used for the entire test. If five
rows of data are displayed in the Global table, the test will run five times. In
addition, you can create data sets for each action, using the relevant action
sheet. If you parameterize a step using an action parameter and enter five
rows of data in the corresponding sheet, then that action will run five times
within each test iteration.
Note: The Sign_in [ActionA] and ReturnHome [ActionA] data sheets are
displayed in gray and cannot be edited because each of these data sheets
belong to the corresponding called action and can be edited from only the
called action's original test.