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<< Report defects | Context-Sensitive Help >>
Online Resources
Lesson 9 Where Do You Go from Here?
Getting Additional Information
For more information about QuickTest Professional, refer to the printed
documentation and online resources provided with QuickTest Professional.
Printed Documentation
In addition to this tutorial, QuickTest Professional comes with the following
printed documentation:
QuickTest Professional Installation Guide
Explains how to install QuickTest Professional.
QuickTest Professional User's Guide
Provides step-by-step instructions for using QuickTest Professional to test
your application or Web site. The User's Guide describes many useful testing
tasks and options not covered in this tutorial.
QuickTest Professional Shortcut Key Reference Card
Lists commands that you can execute using shortcut keys.
Online Resources
In addition to this tutorial, the following online documentation is included
with QuickTest Professional:
Readme (available from the QuickTest Professional Start menu program
Provides the latest news and information about QuickTest Professional.
What's New in QuickTest Professional (available from Help > What's New in
Describes the newest features, enhancements, and supported environments
in the current version of QuickTest Professional.