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<< Running Vuser Scripts with VuGen | Protocol-Specific Functions >>
<< Running Vuser Scripts with VuGen | Protocol-Specific Functions >>

Understanding VuGen Code

Creating Vuser Scripts
Chapter 2, page 18
Working with VuGen Introducing VuGen
Understanding VuGen Code
When you record a script, VuGen generates Vuser functions and inserts them into
a Vuser script. There are two types of Vuser functions:
general Vuser
functions and
Vuser specific
General Vuser Functions
The general Vuser functions are also called LR functions because they always have
an lr prefix. These functions can be used in any type of Vuser script. They enable
you to get run-time information about a Vuser, its Vuser Group, and its host. For
example, the lr_start_transaction function marks the beginning of a transaction.
You can also use these functions to send messages to the output, indicating an
error or a warning.
Using General Vuser Functions
on page 21 for a list of LR functions, and for
details refer to the
LoadRunner Online Function Reference
(available from the
VuGen Help menu).