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<< Viewing APPC Data | Checks the number of valid buffers >>

Using APPC Data Buffers

APPC Vuser Scripts Developing APPC Vuser Scripts
Creating Vuser Scripts
Chapter 13, page 243
Using APPC Data Buffers
Several LRA functions, such as lra_receive and lra_send, handle the actual data
that is transferred between servers and clients. The data that is received or
transmitted is stored in data buffers, which can be very large. In order to simplify
the appearance of the script, the actual data is stored in external files--not in the
C file. When a data transfer occurs, the data is copied from the external file into a
temporary buffer.
In the following example, an lra_receive function was generated during a Vuser
In this example, lra_receive handled data that was received over the
conversational connection,
. The data was stored in two buffers,
. The corresponding section of the
file shows the buffers
and their contents.
lra_receive("Conv33339768", "type=11", "buffer8, buffer9");