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<< Correlating Statements | you save the parameter >>
<< Correlating Statements | you save the parameter >>

Working with Correlated Scripts

Creating Vuser Scripts
Chapter 12, page 224
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Working with Correlated Scripts
To correlate statements within your script, you save the run-time value using
lrs_save_param or lrs_save_param_ex. Both of the functions save buffer data to
a parameter, however lrs_save_param_ex allows you to specify a user buffer and
an encoding method.
The lrs_save_param function saves data from a buffer to a parameter. This
function has the following parameters:
A descriptor identifying a connecting socket. (for example
A descriptor identifying a buffer. (for example
The name of a parameter to hold the buffer value.
The offset of the data in the buffer to be saved to the
parameter. For example, to begin with the tenth byte of
data, specify 10.
The length of the data (in bytes) to save to the parameter.